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Unisex Peg Favour Sprinkles

Unisex Peg Favour Sprinkles

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This pack of unisex translucent pegs are brilliant for several uses. They look great as sprinkles or can be used to hang your baby shower cards on ribbon or even as a 'don't say baby' game. To play this game give each guest a peg to clip onto their top and explain they are not allowed to say the word 'baby'. If they do say it then the guest who hears it first can take their peg and add to their own top. The guest with the most pegs at the end of the baby shower is the winner. There are 12 pegs per pack, each peg is approximately 3cm (1.1") x 1cm (0.3") long and the pack consists of 4 colours - pink, lemon, blue & green

  • 12 per pack
  • 4 colour clear pegs - pink, lemon, blue & green
  • Size 3cm (1.1") x 1cm (0.3")
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