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Inflated Gender Reveal Confetti POP Balloon

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Announce the gender of your forthcoming bundle of joy in this fun way by popping a giant 70cm (28") balloon. The balloon is solid black with white question marks and filled with either pink or blue confetti and mini latex balloons*. This is a great activity for a big brother or sister to do to make them feel included.

If you do not yet know the sex or have it in a sealed envelope then simply select the 'Not found out yet' option and let us have your card, once we have inflated, we will re-seal the envelope and give back to you on collection/delivery.

*Please note, the mini latex balloons are a choking hazard for animals and small children so please leave a note at checkout if you wish to omit these and have confetti fill only.

Made of natural rubber latex

Collection and Local Delivery

CLICK AND COLLECT All of our helium filled balloons are available for click and collect from our store on Millbrook Rd, Southampton SO15 4PB.

For curbside collection please call 07854734196 on arrival and we will drop them out to your car.

LOCAL DELIVERY We also offer local delivery from just £3, please see the calender on each balloon listing for availability, Prices will be confirmed at checkout. Any queries, please call or text - 07854734196.

For more details on local delivery prices go to our Delivery page


Care Instructions

To keep your balloons looking good for as long as possible please follow the steps below:

IMPORTANT Keep balloons away from direct sunlight and warm places. Helium expands in warm temperatures so balloons can burst if left in front of windows, in conservatories, cars etc. Avoid very low temperatures too as they can affect the float time of the balloon, balloons prefer to be in comfortable room temperatures.

Keep the balloons away from open windows, doors and breezy spots as they can be blown against sharp objects and will burst.

The balloons look good enough to touch but please handle them with extreme care as they are delicate. It is best to keep little fingers away from the balloons as they are not built to be played with (at least until the party is over!)

Make sure balloons are not near any sharp objects as they will burst! Check there are no nails in walls or sharp corners/edges close to where you are displaying the balloon/balloons as it will puncture if they brush against them.

One final thought; please do not inhale the helium balloon gas inside your balloon as it is dangerous. It can cause loss of conciousness and at worst loss of life.

IMPORTANT Safety Notice

IMPORTANT; These balloons may conduct electricity. Do not release outdoors. Do not release near overhead power lines. Misuse may cause personal injury. Do not detach from base weight. This balloon is not recyclable - please dispose of it responsibly.


    Have a particular colour scheme? No problem, our option is just a suggestion, if you want to change any of the colours, just add a note!


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