Congratulations Erica!

Congratulations Erica!

We are all over the moon to announce that we have our first Uk Baby Shower Co baby girl!!

Congratulations to Erica, Martin and the boys on their newest addition!

Quite a few people have asked what we did at Erica's shower so we thought we should share....

First up we handed out the Prediction cards for which we used the pink stars range. Once filled in these were collected back in for Erica to take home with her at the end of the evening as a cute keepsake.


  Then were on to our first game. We started with Who Knows Mum Best to break the ice. Everyone filled their sheets out then passed to the guest next to them so there was no cheating! I am pleased to say that everyone did superb and answered most questions :)


On to our second game - Put the Nappy On The Baby which was hilarious! For this game everyone went into pairs and was told that one guest had to be baby and one the mummy. The mummy was given a toilet roll (the cheaper the better as it makes the game harder) and had several minutes to make a nappy on the baby. As it approached the end of the few minutes we gave a 10 second count down then it was toilet paper down and line up time!

We let Erica decide who the winner was.

Half way through now so it is everyone's favourite time - The buffet!

We put on a simple spread with sandwiches and sausage rolls and a few guests with cake baking skills added some gorgeous cakes. We even had our very own cheese and pineapple hedgehog courtesy of Jan (who also very naughtily supplies our elevenses most days!)


 During the buffet some guests took advantage of the photo wall we created with crepe paper rolls, honeycomb balls and a foil balloon banner. We left out a pack of our baby themed Photo Props for some cheeky snaps.



We played one final game which was Pin The Dummy On The Baby which as always was a scream. Its funny how you think you are close with the blindfold on however you are actually miles away! (Mummy to be had to set back on track lol - Sorry Erica!)


Finally Mum to be had a chance to open some rather gorgeous presents including a fabulous nappy cake shaped as a moses basket.



Time to say goodbye and thank you to all Erica's friends and family for coming. We put together some popcorn Favour Bags to collect on the way out as a little thank you to our guests.



Happy Baby Shower Erica & Congratulations from all of us here at Uk Baby Shower Co Ltd xxxxxxxxx


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